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Cool down with a Koolabanda…

Keep cool in summer – even protect yourself from hot flushes – with our range of body cooling clothing. It is now easier than ever to stay cool

On the sports field

It’s no secret that you get hot playing sport.  It’s obvious.   And if, like those Wimbledon stars, you have the hot summer weather to add to the conditions, you’ll need something extra to cool you down.  But don a Koolabanda and you’ll cool down, be calmer and feel more collected – all the ingredients for glorious victory.  Perfect for golfers, hikers, runners, mountain-bikers, skaters and, er, tennisers!

In the kitchen

I’m not sure what’s worse – cooking on a first date or for 50 critics in a 2-star Michelin restaurant. Either way you’re rather limited in your choice of wardrobe, as cooking in comfortable summer clothes such as t-shirt and shorts may not be an acceptable option. Instead, Koolabanda will help you chill for a better result – perhaps another date or another star!

On the beach or in the garden

At least out here you can feel free to wear what-ever is appropriate.   Get out your favourite hot weather clothes and enjoy!   But there are times when this just isn’t enough to help you keep cool in summer.

If your kids want record-breaking sandcastles or your partner wants a replica of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, you’re going to have to work very hard.   Don’t worry.   Pop on a Koolabanda and things won’t seem so bad after all.   And if you just enjoy soaking up the rays and still stay cool this summer, get a Koolabanda – it’ll help the chillin’ process.

For aches, pains and women’s things

For some of us, warm weather can also bring some distress, especially if we suffer from a condition such as Multiple Sclerosis. Koolabanda may help here, too, cooling the blood to bring relief to areas which are affected by MS heat discomfort.

It’s been a long day.  Your boss is driving you nuts and you’ve got an almighty headache. Don’t reach for the gin.  Unwind, soak and chill with your favourite Koolabanda – it really works.

Oh, and if you’re having hot flushes during the menopause, there really is nothing better.

So if you want to keep cool in summer, seek relief from hot flushes or need body cooling for any reason, cool down with a Koolabanda scarf . They’re available now here in a colour to suit you.


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