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Are the materials used colour-fast?
Yes. We have carefully chosen colour-fast fabric for all of our personal cooling products. In normal use, as long as clean water is used to activate the gel, the Koolabanda scarf will not stain your skin or your clothing.

Can the gel leak out?
No. The inner lining of the Koolabanda is specially designed to allow water in, but not allow the cooling gel out, even when you spread the gel along the band with your fingers.

Will I have water trickling down my neck?
There will be some free surface water on the scarf immediately after soaking. However this quickly evaporates, leaving the band only slightly damp to the touch. You will certainly not have water trickling down your neck with any of our personal cooling items in normal use.

How many times can I ‘recycle’ the cooling scarf before it stops working?
The properties of the active agent in our cooling products do not age with use and can be cycled between the crystalline and gel phases indefinitely.

Can I freeze the scarf?
No, you should not freeze the scarf – cold water or refrigeration is sufficient to enable the gel to work.

Can I cover the cooling scarf with a different material?
We make our products in a range of colours, but if you prefer another colour (perhaps to match your team for example), please contact us.

Can I put the Koolabanda into a washing machine?
No, do not machine wash.  It is best to hand wash Koolabanda scarves when necessary: simply use soap or a mild detergent and rinse well in clean water.

What if my dog/cat/pet gerbil chews it?
The active ingredient of our personal cooling products is non-toxic material. However, we recommend that you keep your Koolabanda scarf out of the reach of children and pets.


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